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Links to Other HIV-Related Informational Websites


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HIV Management & Educational Resources Information for Professionals
AETC National Resource Center The main site for AIDS Educational Training Centers nationally.  This site has comprehensive educational resources for training healthcare providers in HIV/AIDS care.
Delta AIDS Education Training Center This site focuses on providing links to important local and national HIV/AIDS resources on the internet as well as serving as the basis for HIVManagement.org.  Delta AETC is the regional subunit of the AETC serving Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.
TheBodyPro.com A comprehensive site with expert opinions, conference reports, guidelines, and news related to HIV management.
(National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project
Another comprehensive site of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis treatment news and conference reports.
HIV InSite Comprehensive up-to-date information on HIV treatment, prevention, and policy from the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.
CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention The US Center for Disease Control's comprehensive site for HIV prevention.
aidsmap Simply one of the best sites on the WWW for current HIV news and management information.
HIV Drug Interactions At last a site devoted to dissemination of the latest HIV drug-drug interactions
HIVandHepatitis.com An excellent site for professionals and consumers dealing with all current developments in the fields of antiviral therapy for HIV and viral hepatitis.




HIV/AIDS Palliative Care Information
The Center for Palliative Care Education This site includes modules for educating HIV/AIDS care providers in the various aspects of end-of-life care.
A Clinical Guide
Supportive & Palliative Care for HIV/AIDS
A user-friendly virtual book which comprehensively covers most aspects of palliative care in the setting of HIV/AIDS from HRSA.




HIV/AIDS Information for Clients/Patients/Interested Parties
TheBody.com This site focuses on providing consumers with up-to-date information on various aspects of HIV/AIDS including natural history, drugs, adherence, conference reports, and expert opinion. 
AIDS.org A comprehensive consumer oriented site with educational and advocacy content.
HIVInfo.us This offers up-to-date patient education on HIV, HIV transmission, provider relationships, and the many drugs used to treat HIV.
Project Inform One of the best and one of the oldest patient/consumer-oriented HIV/AIDS information sources.


Updated 1/18/2013